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Privacy statement for events organized and hosted by
Calgary Neonatal Neuro-Critical Care Program (NNCC)

1. Online registration relating to events held at the Calgary NNCC Course

This web page offers you an online electronic registration for a Calgary NNCC program event. While registering, your personal data will be collected and further processed for the purposes detailed below.

The relevant data processing operations thereof and the event/meeting are under the responsibility of the Calgary NNCC program in charge of the event, acting as the Data Controller. 

2. Why is data collected and further processed?


  • Processing of participants’ personal data is needed for the efficient organization and management of the event, including management of lists for contacts, invitations, participant surveys, distribution, and feedback on the survey.

  • Video and audio recordings may be taken, stored, and distributed at the discretion of the Calgary NNCC committee for up to one year after the end of the course date.


3. What personal data does the Calgary NNCC program collect and further process, and how?

  • Only the following registration data will be collected: title, family name, first name, name of the organization, e-mail address, the country where the individual is established, and profession/position.


  • Credit card/payment information is collected for payment processing only. This information will not be stored by the organizers or shared under any circumstances.


  • Conference/Event attendees may receive a Guest User Account associated to their registration data to access the Internet and the Calgary NNCC services. In such a case, the Guest account information and the Internet navigation logs are both collected. The identification of the user connected to a log entry may only be provided on the basis of an administrative inquiry.


  • A passport/identity card number/ date of birth may be required to verify the identity of the visitor. They may be used for preparing the entrance permissions and access control purposes by competent Calgary NNCC staff to the premises where the conference/event takes place. This information will not be stored for future use by the organizers.

  • Participants at the conference may be given the opportunity to indicate individual requirements, e.g., those pertaining to diet or mobility. This information will be processed only to ensure that these requirements are taken into account and will not be used or stored beyond that single

  • Photographs/pictures, presentations, audio and video recording of speakers and participants, and live web streaming of this public event may be taken by the organizers. They may be reproduced in various media, including Calgary NNCC publications, the Calgary NNCC website, social networks, TV channels, and the press, in connection with the event or for further cultural and institutional purposes as well as for promotional activities of the Calgary NNCC. However, a photograph portraying a particular individual may be published only with the explicit consent of that individual.


  • If you wish that your image or voice is not recorded and published for compelling and legitimate grounds relating to your particular situation, please contact the conference organizers who will accommodate your needs.


4. Who collects and has access to your personal data, and to whom is it disclosed?


  • Personal data may be collected only by the Calgary NNCC Committee involved in the organization of the conference.


  • The list of participants (title, last name, first name, organization/company, country) may be
    published on the website of the event. A more detailed contact list of participants (including also
    your e-mail address) may be distributed to all participants on the date of the event with a view to facilitating future contacts. Should you wish that your name is not displayed in any of those lists, you have the possibility to object to (opt-out from) any such dissemination of your contact details by notifying accordingly a member of the Calgary NNCC Committee.


  • Photographs/pictures, presentations, audio, and video recordings will be collected by the Calgary NNCC Committee acting as the conference organizer.


  • Internet navigation logs are collected for security purposes and for a period up to one year. The identification of the user connected to a log entry will only be provided on the basis of an administrative inquiry by the CNNCC or upon a legally binding request by a judicial or another law-enforcement authority. The log data concerning access to electronic resources that are licensed to the CNNCC may be used to identify users who have violated the “Terms and Conditions of Use for Licensed Electronic Resources – Calgary NNCC.”


5. Technical Information

This website uses cookies for session management. The session information used by this website may remain on your system after you leave the website or your browser is closed. You can disable cookies by modifying the settings in your browser’s options. However, doing so will reduce the functionalities available to you (editing your profile).

6. How do we protect and safeguard your information?


  • All personal data collected are internally processed only by designated Calgary NNCC Committee members or WIX and stored on servers that abide by Google docs security rules and standards. The Calgary NNCC Committee will not share any personal data with third parties for any reason and will not use any personal data for commercial purposes.


  • For further information on the WIX data collection policy, please refer to their privacy policy, Sec 6 Users of Users: About Privacy | WIX


  • In case an external contractor assists in the organization of the event, the collected personal data and all information related to the event are stored on a computer of the external processor, acting as a processor who must guarantee data protection, security, and confidentiality required by Calgary NNCC.

  • Participants' data may be shared with service providers and/or external contractors and organizers only for Calgary NNCC purposes pertaining to the organization of the conference or event and provided they have in place comparable safeguards for the protection of privacy.

  • The list of participants may be transmitted to law enforcement authorities and bodies in charge of a monitoring or inspection task under national or Community law, and only upon their specific
    request justified only by security reasons pertaining to the conference. Such a list may be transmitted without any comments or revisions and only after authorization of the Director of the Calgary NNCC in charge of the event acting as the Data Controller.  Participants may be distinguished into categories only for logistic purposes.

7. How can you verify, modify, or delete your personal data?

If you wish to verify which personal data is stored by the responsible Data Controller or access, correct, or delete your personal data stored by Calgary NNCC, please get in touch with the Calgary NNCC Committee at the email address - Attention: Data Controller. 

8. Contact information


  • If you have any questions or requests concerning the personal data collected for this event, please contact the Calgary NNCC committee with Attention to Data Controller at the email address

9. Recourse


  • Remarks and/or complaints can be addressed to the Calgary NNCC committee with attention to Data Controller.


Dr. Khorshid Mohammad
Room B4-286, 28 Oki Drive NW
Calgary, AB Canada T3B 6A8
Phone: 403-955-5079, Fax: 403-955-7433

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