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Wednesday 21 September 2022


Learning aims: This one-day course of illustrated lectures is aimed at those starting out on their neonatal imaging career. The content will cover all aspects of neonatal cranial imaging at a basic level. It will also serve as a great foundation for those also following the Advanced course.

By the end of The Basics' one-day course in neonatal cranial ultrasound, participants will be equipped to perform a newborn cranial ultrasound at a foundational level. Participants will be able to assess and differentiate normal versus abnormal cranial scans and establish a preliminary care plan.

  • 08:30     Registration

Moderator Prof. Frances Cowan

  • 09:00   Welcome and Introduction

  • 09:05   Basic and normal anatomy

Dr. Gerda Meijler

  • 10:05   Use of the ultrasound machine and understanding of the function of the controls and probes

Dr. Gerda Meijler

  • 10:35   Break

Moderator Dr. Gerda Meijler

  • 11:05   Cranial ultrasound in the term infant admitted with early neurological symptoms – hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy and stroke

Dr. Sylke Steggerda

  • 11:50   Term infants with later seizure onset/less acute problems

Prof. Frances Cowan

  • 12:35   Lunch

Moderator Prof. Linda de Vries

  • 13:30   Ultrasound imaging of preterm brain injury

Dr. Gerda Meijler

  • 14:30   Doppler blood velocity measurements, practical aspects

Dr. Sylke Steggerda

  •  15:00   Break

Moderator Dr. Gerda Meijler

  • 15:25   Practical aspects of reporting and talking to parents

Prof. Frances Cowan

  • 15:40   Hands-on simulator cUS workshops

Profs. Khorshid Mohammed and James Scott, and Drs. Hussein Zein and Lara Leijser

End of day

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